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IChemE is committed to building and sustaining an active international professional community, united by a commitment to qualifications and standards that foster excellence, relevance and esteem and the delivery of benefits to society. 

In 2015, the total number of IChemE members passed the 44,000 mark; the latest milestone in a history of near continuous membership growth that can be traced back to our formation. Today, IChemE’s reach spans over 120 countries from Albania to Zimbabwe and almost everywhere in between. Unsurprisingly, given IChemE’s British heritage, membership remains strong in the United Kingdom where 52% of members are based – though many are working on assignments elsewhere. But in an era of rapid globalization, membership growth in the UK is modest when compared with other territories, leading to a steady fall in the share of UK members among IChemE’s total membership. IChemE expects to pass the threshold were most its members are based outside the UK within a few years.

Distribution of new members

The Institution has offices and staff presence in Melbourne, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Wellington.

Malaysia is IChemE’s second-largest base of membership with over 5,800 members, and a particularly strong showing of young chemical engineers. Australia is the third-largest membership area, at more than 4,300 members, many of whom are Chartered Members or Fellows.

A more recent development is IChemE’s partnership with the South African Institution of Chemical Engineers, as a result of which IChemE now counts over 2500 South Africans among its membership. An alliance with the Indian Institute of Chemical Engineershas led to significant growth of members in India, which now accounts for some 1,500 members.

IChemE is also well represented in North America with more than 1,000 members spread across the Caribbean, through Mexico to the USA and Canada.

In addition to sustaining strong international links directly through individual members, IChemE plays an active role in a range of regional chemical engineering federations including the European Federation of Chemical Engineering, the Australian and New Zealand Federation of Chemical Engineers and the Asian Pacific Confederation of Chemical Engineering. IChemE is also a member of the World Chemical Engineering Council.

The institution also maintains productive bilateral relationships with many leading chemical engineering organizations including the DECHEMA in Germany, the American Institute of Chemical Engineers in the USA, the Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering in Canada.

My IChemE

IChemE is a registered charity in England & Wales (214379), and a charity registered in Scotland (SC 039661).