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Date: 24 January 2018
Location: Webinar
Description: Multivariate Analysis (MVA) can be applied to R&D and manufacturing-based data to tackle many different challenges and help meet objectives more effectively. This webinar covers the use of Multivariate Statistical Process Control for real-time process monitoring and sensor fusion models (IoT) following the process from the mixing of raw materials to the finished product. It will also briefly cover the use of multichannel spectrometers for direct quantitative prediction and give an introduction to batch modelling. Attendees will get an introduction to tools for Multivariate Analysis and various real-life applications will be shown.
Date: 05 February 2018
Location: Webinar
Description: The webinar covers a high-level introduction to MPC, and its application to batch pharmaceutical processes. In an initial presentation, the challenges associated with MPC of Batch processes are discussed. The webinar is primarily a live case study demonstration using a quasi-real time simulation of a penicillin production process. The dynamics of the process and batch to batch variability are explored. Two approaches to batch control are implemented - controlling end points vs. controlling continuously measured/predicted variables. The process is also subject to feed concentration disturbances. The webinar attendees can compare and contrast the differences in the two approaches and evaluate how both reject the feed disturbance
Date: 06 February 2018
Location: Webinar
Description: A one-hour webinar presentation organised by IChemE's Fluid Mixing Processes Special Interest Group.

This webinar is free of charge and open to all.
Date: 15 February 2018
Location: Webinar
Description: A one-hour presentation from the IChemE Process Management & Control Special Interest Group around the subject of Optimising Fire and Gas Detection Designs Applying Modern Technologies and Mapping Techniques
Date: 08 March 2018
Location: Ireland
Description: IChemE’s All Ireland Members Group Dinner.

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