The Netherlands Members Group
22 December 2016

2016 Summer lecture

Attendees listening to the lecture on Process Safety

The Netherlands’ Member Group held its 2016 Summer Lecture on 15 September at Xendo B.V. in Leiden. Xendo is an independent consultancy and project management firm in the fields of life sciences, pharmaceutical and healthcare services. Located in the life sciences technology hub area of Leiden, it has successfully worked with tons of clients in over 25 countries in its 25-year existence.

Bart Jessen delivering the lecture on Process Safety

The session was kicked off with a lecture on Process Safety, delivered by Bart Jessen, a Safety Consultant and Expert in Safety Management Systems at Honeywell. Bart’s lecture covered a wide range of safety systems particularly related to the chemical process industry. Drawing poignantly on the 1984 Bhopal disaster in India, he challenged all those present to consider how decisions they make in designing or operating process equipment could affect safety. Just as important was the need to question maintaining an inventory of toxic or flammable fluids on site, particularly when alternative routes exist that could eliminate the need for such inventory.

Gerben Zijlstra delivering his lecture on biotechnology

A second lecture was delivered by Gerben Zijlstra (PhD), a Senior Consultant at Xendo B.V, on the processing steps required for production of biotechnological pharmaceutical products. The need for stringent quality control and quick product development times were highlighted as key business value drivers in producing these very low volume but extremely high value bioproducts.

Attendees interacting during a break

The lecture sessions were well attended with a total of 20 attendees from the following organisations: Croda, Versatc, Shell, Escher, Avantium, Xendo, BASF, the United Nations’ Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), Twister B.V., Aramco Overseas and TechTrans.

See you at the next event in 2017!

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