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Opportunities and Challenges of Converting an LNG Import Terminal to Export & Trends in LNG – Bigger isn't always better?

Date From: 16 May 2017
Location: USA
Description: We have arranged two talks for our second technical meeting of 2017 which can either be attended in person or watched online via GoToWebinar software. The first talk of the evening will be by Ms. Naomi Montenegro, Lead LNG Process Engineer at Shell Global Solutions (US) and is titled “Opportunities and Challenges of Converting an LNG Import Terminal to Export”. This will be followed by the main presentation, “Trends in LNG - Bigger isn't always better?”, presented by Mr Vinod Rajkumar, Manager of Bechtel's LNG Product Development Centre.
Event Type: Member Group
Venue: Marriott Residence Inn West, Energy Corridor 1150 Eldridge Pkwy, Houston, TX 77077 and Online

Time: 17:30-20:00 CST

Cost: Free of charge, open to all
Organiser: Gulf Coast Members Group
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Opportunities and Challenges of Converting an LNG Import Terminal to Export

With the rapid growth of shale gas production over the past decade, U.S. natural gas production has grown each year since 2006 and the need for imported natural gas has diminished. This presentation will discuss how a number of liquefied natural gas (LNG) import terminals have turned the decline of their market into an opportunity. The presentation will look at some of the opportunities and challenges associated with turning an LNG Import terminal into an Export terminal and what technical approaches can be used to overcome these challenges.

Speaker: Mrs Naomi Montenegro
Naomi is Lead LNG Process Engineer at Shell Global Solutions (US). She is currently working on the Lake Charles Liquefaction Project and has worked in the design and operations phases of a number of LNG and gas processing plants across the globe, including QCLNG - the first LNG plant in the world to produce LNG from coal seam gas.

Trends in LNG – Bigger isn't always better?

The evening's main presentation will provide an overview of trends in LNG, presenting the view that clients are increasingly focused on where and how they can reduce the capital cost of their projects. Attendees will gain an understanding of how to reduce capital costs without impacting future business performance. In this interactive session we will examine the key buying factors for clients and also the principal cost drivers for LNG plants. The main presentation will be followed by a short presentation on an LNG project.

Speaker: Mr Vinod Rajkumar
Vinod is Manager of Bechtel's LNG Product Development Centre with over 15 years experience in LNG, GTL and Gas processing as a process engineer, project engineer and process manager. He has spent considerable time starting up large scale LNG facilities and leading design teams along with publishing technical articles and papers.

Registration: You can attend these presentation either in person or watch online.  
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For those attending in person, the presentation will be followed by hors d’oeuvres, drinks and networking.


A two-hour session: 
20 minute presentation + 10 minutes' Q&A – Naomi Montenegro
40 minute presentation + 15 minutes' Q&A - Vinod Rajkumar
Duration (for CPD recording purposes): up to two hour.

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Online registrants only:


The presentation will be delivered via GoToWebinar®.
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You are advised to join the webinar at least ten minutes before the scheduled start time, to allow for your computer to connect.


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