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Cyber security for industrial control systems (ICS)

Date From: 19 April 2018
Date To: 19 April 2018
Location: England
Description: Cyber security is a blanket term that can cover a multitude of areas. This seminar will examine applications to industrial facilities, and look at how plant operators can assess and reduce risks in their installations.
Event Type: Non IChemE
Venue: Holiday Inn Birmingham Airport Hotel
Organiser: Engineering Equipment Materials Users Association – EEMUA
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Cyber Security has an importance far beyond the effect on IT and data integrity – it also has safety implications.

Consequently the inclusion of cyber security in the HSE portfolio of specialist inspections makes perfect sense. HSE has been developing its capability and has undertaken a number of ‘friendly audits’ to understand what exists ‘in the field’ and how best to tackle the task. As we move into the phase of serious audits here is a unique opportunity to gain an insight into what common problems have been found and what might be done about them.

Security is often an afterthought on ICS/SCADA devices and industrial IOT (which may differ very little from commercial IOT in that respect). It would be good to know just how secure is the device or network you’ve just installed. But with a global market and badge engineering it can be a challenge even for the badge engineers to know how a device truly performs against a determined attacker. Therefore there is value in having your own determined attacker to report back to you. Enter the PEN tester. Or not, if you’ve really got everything bolted down!

An insurer might assess the cyber security of a site or organization either with a view to insuring specifically against a cyber breach, or else with a view to how potentially efficient cyber security might affect the standing of other insured risks. In either case there will be a need to build the evidence to understand the risk.Whilst this has some common elements with for example, the assessment that the HSE might do, the scope is broader and safety is only a part of the story.

In fact the way to go home could be the least of your problems if you don’t even know what day it is. Over the last 20 years, GPS has grown to be so much a part of daily life that it is taken for granted. Whereas 30 years ago precision positioning depended on application specific navigation systems such as Syledis, nowadays GPS fulfils most precision timing and positioning functions. Consequently much of our daily life and many process industries have a potential single point of failure. How seriously should we view this, and what might we do about it?

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Planned Speakers:
* Anil Sood (HSE) - Industrial cybersec – how good are we
* Tony Gee (Pen Test Partners) - Penetration testing of ICS/SCADA devices
* Billy Marshall (Chronos) - Unexpected hazards of GPS dependence

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