IChemE Global Awards 2015

Why enter?

Why enter?15 reasons why you should enter the IChemE Awards in 2015

If you’ve attended to the IChemE Awards you’ll know they are great occasion and an excellent way to celebrate excellence and innovation in the chemical and process industries.

If you’re new to the Awards, here are 15 reasons why you should think about applying, attending or even sponsoring this year’s events.

1. Spoilt for choice

Did you know there are around 30 different IChemE Award categories available to enter each year? There’s something for all fields of chemical engineering including the education sector and industries such as food, water, energy, oil and gas.

There are also dedicated categories for chemical engineers just starting out in their careers, as well as senior figures in the chemical and process industries. The choice is yours.

2. Four new Global Awards in 2015

The IChemE Awards are always changing and improving. This year’s IChemE Global Awards features four new categories, including the Chemical Engineering Industry Leader Award, Best Business Start-Up Award, Oil and Gas Award, and Research Project of the Year Award. Why not apply and become the first winners of these exciting new accolades?

3. Not one, but three ceremonies

The IChemE Awards are so popular we now hold at least three ceremonies each year in Singapore, Malaysia and the UK. All you have to do is enter, attend or even sponsor your preferred event.

4. Free and easy application

Time is precious, so we’ve made entry as easy as possible. A few contact details and a maximum of 1,850 words (you can write less if you want!) is all you need to provide in our simple application form. You can apply online at any time up to 10 July 2015.

Remember, entering the IChemE Awards is free and you don’t need to be a member. Don't forget to look at our Help and FAQs section for tips on how to submit a great entry.

5. Great sponsors

Successful events always attract excellent sponsors. In 2014 the IChemE Awards received the backing of 30 sponsors and supporters, including our main event partner – Saudi Aramco.

Here's just some of the names who lent their support in 2014: Shell, GSK, ABB, AstraZeneca, Rolls-Royce, Genesis, NES Global Talent, Bouygues, PM Group, Costain, Reliance Industries, Simon Carves, Sellafield Ltd, Siemens, and PETRONAS.

If you would like to sponsor the Awards email awards@icheme.org  

6. Judged by the profession

Ever wondered who judges the Awards? The answer is senior figures in the chemical and process industries and Members of the Institution of Chemical Engineers.

Up to 30 judges scrutinise the entries each year, overseen by our Global Awards Head Judge, Nigel Hirst.

If you are shortlisted or win an IChemE award you’ll know your achievements have been recognised by your peers and senior figures in the profession - what could be better?

7. Your success is our business

IChemE likes nothing better than to promote good news, especially if it involves chemical engineering and chemical engineers.

The IChemE Awards are our biggest series of events and we use our teams of journalists, marketers and PR professionals to make sure that all 40,000 IChemE Members, and the wider chemical and process industries, have the opportunity to read about and watch video of your success and achievements.

8. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

We all know how important the chemical and process industries are to maintaining and improving quality of life, but reputations should never be taken for granted.

The IChemE Awards are one of the best independent ways to enhance your reputation and demonstrate publicly your efforts to improve safety, efficiency, innovation and many other aspects of chemical and process engineering.

Not convinced? Just ask your employees, shareholders, stakeholders, customers and communities why CSR matters.

9. Automatic entry to the IChemE Global Awards

Did you know that the winners of some categories at the IChemE Singapore Awards and IChemE Malaysia Awards are automatically shortlisted for the IChemE Global Awards? It's our way of making sure that the best entries from anywhere in the world are rewarded on a global stage.

10. A badge of quality and excellence

Not everyone gets the opportunity to use the logo of a leading global professional body to endorse their organisation. But all shortlisted, highly commended and winning entries at the IChemE Awards are granted permission to use the official IChemE Awards logo.

It's a tangible badge of quality and yours to keep and use on stationery, online and all your promotional material - forever.

11. Reward your chemical engineers

Chemical and process engineers are one of the most valued and well-paid professions in the world. And why not - they have the capacity to innovate, save money, maintain safety and optimise your business performance.

Rewarding them with the opportunity to attend the IChemE Awards is another great opportunity to support their continuous professional development and job satisfaction.

12. US$10,000

Money isn't everything, but for resource-poor people living on less than US$2 a day their opportunities to improve quality of life are limited. Affordable technology by chemical engineers is one of the answers which is why the Dhirubhai Ambani Award for Outstanding Chemical Engineering Innovation for Resource-Poor People receive a winner's prize of US$10,000 to invest in their technology.

13. Truly global

IChemE is headquartered in the UK, but we have offices all over the world and members in 122 different countries. In fact, the overall winners from the past two IChemE Global Awards include entries from Australia and Malaysia. Since 1994, 13 different nations, in four continents, have triumphed making the IChemE Awards a truly global event with international recognition.

14. A night to remember

VIP treatment, great food and drink, entertainment, celebrities, tension and drama, win or lose everyone who attends the IChemE Awards is guaranteed to leave with some excellent memories - some of you may even have a precious IChemE Award trophy to share with your colleagues!

15. Hospitality and networking

Relationships are important and there aren't too many opportunities to share quality time with your business partners, customers and colleagues. That’s why the IChemE Awards are one of the best opportunities to host your own table of invited guests, as well as catch up with other leading and emerging figures in the chemical and process industries attending the event.

If you’d like any more details about the IChemE Awards, contact awards@icheme.org  

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