Advances in Process Automation and Control 2017

Plenary and Keynote speakers

David Womack
Global Director of Strategy and Business Development
IBM Chemical and Petroleum Industries

David Womack IBMDavid is responsible for identifying new market opportunities and leading alliances with key partners. He is the author of several industry studies and research projects, and is a speaker at industry conferences.

Prior to IBM he was the COO of a management consultancy in the downstream, chemicals and power generation industry, and started his career at Exxon.


Tony Pipe
Professor of Robotics and Autonomous Systems
Deputy Director of Bristol Robotics Laboratory (BRL)

Tony PipeTony's expertise is in safe close-proximity physical Human-Robot Interaction, provably safe and convergent constrained machine learning, adaptive behaviour applied to intelligent and distributed control/monitoring systems, and self-repairing re-programmable digital VLSI for safety-critical systems.

Tony has featured in over 180 publications and secured over £2.5M in grants since 2005.


Don Bartusiak
Chief Engineer, Process Control
ExxonMobil Research & Engineering

Don BartusiakDon is responsible for setting technology strategy for instrumentation, process analytics, control systems, and applications for ExxonMobil, including interactions with other ExxonMobil companies regarding process control.

He assists line management with career development of about 900 process control staff globally. He has 29 years of experience in ExxonMobil as an individual contributor (real-time artificial intelligence, regulatory control, real-time optimization, and non-linear model predictive control) and in management positions. He has authored four patents and nine articles.

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