International Nuclear Engineering Conference (INEC 2018)

Flash presentations

Use Of Self-Shielded Boxes For Storage Of Legacy Fuel Materials
Charles Russell-Johnson, Sellafield Ltd, UK

Separating Minor Actinides From Lanthanides: Solution Phase Versus Immobilized Ligand - The Importance Of Speciation
Zoe Selfe, University of Reading, UK

Nuclear Wastes Production In Terms Of Fire Protection Measures
Katarzyna Zasadni, Fennovoima, Finland

Bubble Counting: Novel Technology Development To Help With A Difficult And Persistent Problem (Hydrogen!)
Alex Allen, Sellafield Ltd, UK

Complex Flow Behaviour In The Feed Lute To A Vacuum Evaporator Handling Radioactive Solids
George McArthur, Sellafield Ltd, UK

The Effect Of Halide Ions On The Corrosion And Dissolution Of Passivated Magnesium
Joe Vickers, University of Leeds, UK

Improving Routes For Synthesising Degradation Products Of CyMe4 BTBP Proposed For Use In The SANEX Process
Jasraj Singh Babra, University of Reading, UK

Moltex Energy Stable Salt Reactor
Ian Scott, Moltex Energy, UK

Use of confinement for high-efficiency liquid-liquid separation
Charlotte Parrington, University of Leeds, UK

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