New Horizons in Gasification
12th European Gasification Conference

New Horizons in Gasification

New Horizons in Gasification

10-13 March 2014
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Benefit from getting a global perspective on gasification industry and receive updates on existing and future plants.


There is growing pressure for low carbon sources of energy which will not unduly raise the cost of electricity bills. Several technologies are being investigated including the use of biomass as a gasification feedstock and improved means of carbon capture.

This conference will provide a platform to promote the benefits of gasification, its application, the environmental and economic appeal and new applications for this traditional technology against current challenges.

Europe is especially vulnerable because it has not yet found and demonstrated an exploitable and environmentally comfortable source of natural gas from fracking. Ofgem, the UK gas and electricity regulator, is warning of impending grid shortages. The UK government has said that it will award grants for full-scale demonstration power stations, including IGCC. The interest in ‘where is the next megawatt coming from?’ has never been greater.


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