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Why do we keep repeating major accidents - issue 259

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Issue Date: 05/02/2018
Issue Number: 259
Failure to identify the hazards and manage the risks of highly hazardous materials and processes is one of the primary root-causes of an incident, and failure to learn from past incidents is the leading cause of the recurrence of incidents. Industries are facing consistent challenges to identify the causes of learning failures and improving to prevent the recurrence of major accidents. What contributes most to the continuation of the learning failures? Is it the lack of process safety competency, corporate culture, or the complexity of current management systems and associated tools? This paper will review the causes of the most common gaps in the incident investigation and learning process, and mutual causes of learning failures. Improvement tips with examples of the best industry practices are provided which will help eliminate the learning gaps. Emphasis will be given on how a good corporate safety culture, competent workforce, and user friendly, consistent processes and tools help in eliminating the mutual causes of learning failures.

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