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Dust explosion in Turkey - issue 260

LPB260, April 2018, cover
Issue Date: 10/04/2018
Issue Number: 260
On 10 January 2013, a massive dust explosion occurred at a pasta producing company in Mersin, Turkey. The explosion occurred in a building which had nine huge semolina silos inside. On the day of the accident there was planned work that included welding on top of the silos; however there was a failure to check beforehand for the presence of methane gases which escape from the semolina spoilage. The primary explosion occurred when the methane was ignited, and this was followed by a series of secondary dust explosions which tore through the building resulting in the deaths of two workers, serious injuries of two more and destruction of the facility. Lessons learned related to preventing the accumulation of dust; ignition control; and design aspects to limit damage.

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