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Process hazards in the dairy industry - issue 260

LPB260, April 2018, cover
Issue Date: 10/04/2018
Issue Number: 260
This paper provides an insight into the process hazards of the dairy industry — an industry often considered relatively benign. Serious accidents do occur from time to time, and high value products (sometimes selling for several thousand dollars per kg) bring with them financial hazards. Typical unit operations found in the dairy industry include spray and fluid bed drying, reverse osmosis (RO), ultra-filtration, fermentation, pasteurisation, ultra-high temperature (UHT) treatment, homogenisation, storage and, cutting across these is, cleaning in place (CIP). The paper touches on food safety which is important not only from the perspective of hygiene but also because microbial contamination can affect the product being manufactured. The paper then focuses on some of the hazards associated with the processes and equipment found in this industry.

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