18 February 2013

Global energy demand to increase by 35% says industry expert


2040 global energy needs will be 35% higher than current demand according to an industry expert from ExxonMobil.

Rob Gardner manages the energy and economics division of ExxonMobil's corporate strategic planning department and is responsible for preparing ExxonMobil’s outlook for energy. Gardner headlined Australia's Victorian Joint Chemical Engineering Committee’s (JVCEC) first event of the year and discussed the global energy outlook to 2040.

ExxonMobil’s projection of 2040 global energy forecasts a 35% increase in demand compared to 2010 figures.  The organisation also predicts that worldwide electricity demand will be up 80%,  90% of transportation will run on liquid petroleum-based fuels, and 60% of energy will be supplied by oil and gas.

Gardner also highlighted that energy efficient practices, technologies and an increase in the use of less carbon intensive fuels and renewables, along with the development of unconventional energy sources, will be key in supporting future energy needs.

Gardner is based in Texas, US and meets regularly with policymakers and opinion leaders around the world to encourage a broader understanding of energy issues. However the ExxonMobil view contrasts with the content of IChemE’s Chemical Engineering Matters technical strategy published earlier this year.

IChemE Director of Policy and Communication, Andrew Furlong says that humanity cannot continue to consume finite resources and generate waste at current rates: "The challenge of living within the limits of planet earth without compromising future generations must be solved and this requires a major shift in lifestyles, both in terms of practical and behavioural change."

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