18 December 2013

Knovel fully redesigned for 2014

Knovel cloud based reference library

Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) members accessing Knovel, the cloud-based application that integrates technical information with analytical and search tools, via www.icheme.org will notice significant improvements from the end of January 2014. A fully redesigned platform will provide an improved user experience with smarter search capability, simplified navigation and streamlined performance.

As a benefit of membership, IChemE Members have free access to a relevant selection of content from Knovel including over 300 leading reference sources and databases, which offers quick solutions to technical engineering questions. Knovel covers a wide range of chemical engineering topics with the capability to extract information from complex graphs, equations and tables.

The top resources accessed by IChemE members in 2013 were; Coulson and Richardson's Chemical Engineering Volume 6 - Chemical Engineering Design (4th Edition); Coulson and Richardson's Chemical Engineering Volume 1 - Fluid Flow, Heat Transfer and Mass Transfer (6th Edition); Loss Prevention in the Process Industries (2nd Edition); and The DIPPR 801 Thermophysical Properties Database Project 801.”

IChemE director of policy and communication, Andy Furlong, says “Nine out of ten Knovel users find the platform to be comprehensive, reliable and extremely useful for project work. The most popular searches are in the areas of design, process safety and materials selection. Feedback from a 2013 member survey also reveals that a majority of IChemE users, access Knovel at least once a month, with most reporting that the application can save time and money.”

Furlong also says that “John Wiley are withdrawing their titles from the Knovel collection, with effect from 31 March 2014. This development is beyond our control. Knovel will replace the content with alternative authoritative content, so that IChemE members continue to have access to an extensive and growing range of technical information from leading engineering publishers and societies worldwide.” 

Elsevier’s vice President of engineering and technology markets, Ella Balagula, says that Knovel aims to help engineers find solutions faster and more precisely than ever before: “The Knovel platform was completely rebuilt from the ground up to ensure that the trusted content that we bring together is discoverable, answers are actionable and the overall experience is seamless – easily integrating into the engineer’s workflow.”

Among the new features added, users will find improved search functionality, the ability to ‘search within’ results and the ability to view search results by content types including interactive tables, materials data sheets and conference proceedings. There is also a new data search wizard, offering simplified drag & drop features to more precisely search and discover Knovel’s extensive materials and properties content.

Further improvements for IChemE members in 2014 include the planned introduction of ‘My Knovel’.  This feature allows users to save their searches, flag favourite resources and personalise content to match individual requirements.

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