16 September 2013

The hunt is on for the UK's top 100 scientists

To mark its ten year anniversary the Science Council is running a competition to identify 100 top professional scientists currently practicing in the UK.

The competition will recognise the many different ways professional scientists contribute to UK society and the economy and illustrate the wide range of possible careers in science.

In 2010 the Science Council set out descriptions of ‘ten types of scientist’ roles in order to better describe what a science professional might do and the different roles that scientists perform across the economy. The competition will identify ten leading professional scientists in each of the ten categories to form the 100 professional scientists list.

The ten types of scientist are: explorer; investigator; developer/translational; service provider/operational; monitor/regulator; entrepreneur; communicator; teacher; business/marketing; and policy maker.

To nominate a scientist please complete a nomination form and return to IChemE by Friday 20 September 2013. The top 100 will be announced on Tuesday 15 October 2013.

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