24 February 2014

IChemE publishes medals roll of honour

IChemE medal group

The Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) has announced the winners of its medals and prizes for 2013. Over 20 individuals and organisations are being honoured for their achievements and exceptional work across all aspects of chemical, process and biochemical engineering.

The Institution has been awarding medals since 1928 when the Osborne Reynolds medal (now known as the Arnold Greene medal) was presented to former IChemE president Sir Alexander Gibb.

Up to 20 medals and prizes are now awarded each year by IChemE to celebrate the outstanding contribution being made by chemical engineers worldwide – to advance the profession and society in general.

IChemE chief executive, David Brown, said: “Announcing the IChemE medal and prize winners each year is one of my great privileges. It’s also a time to reflect on the excellent work that is taking place to ‘advance chemical engineering worldwide’.

“2013’s roll of honour includes winners from Japan, Austria, Italy, Canada, Malaysia, New Zealand, UK, France, Australia, Ireland and Germany. All have one thing in common – over the past year they have shown talent, expertise and sheer hard work to promote chemical engineering and the profession.

“I would like to congratulate them all and welcome their names to the rich and growing history of IChemE medal and prize winners.”


Council medal1: David Platts, PDV Consultants, New Zealand

David Platts

Medal awarded to David in recognition of his work as chair of SCENZ-IChemE in New Zealand – from 2011 to 2013 – and his extensive promotion of the chemical engineering profession in New Zealand.

David said: “It was with great surprise and distinct pleasure to receive my award of the Council medal. I am privileged and delighted to accept this award and look forward to continue working with chemical engineers, especially in New Zealand.  I hope we can contribute positively to IChemE and its endeavours worldwide.”

Arnold Greene medal2: Keith Batchelor, Nuffield Court Consultancy, UK 

Medal awarded to Keith in recognition of his services as IChemE honorary treasurer from 2007-2013.

Keith BatchelorKeith said: “I was surprised and delighted to be told of IChemE's decision to award me this year's Arnold Greene medal. I had a very interesting and rewarding career in chemical engineering and have always enjoyed the opportunity to give back to the profession via my various roles with IChemE. 

“It is particularly pleasing to me that the intake to chemical engineering courses has grown steadily since the inception of the whynotchemeng campaign and that the standard attained by these young engineers continues to impress whenever I meet them.

“It is also pleasing, and as honorary treasurer a considerable relief, that IChemE's finances have been managed by the executive so effectively against the economic setbacks of recent years to keep the Institution in a robust condition for the challenges ahead. I look forward to continuing to make a contribution to IChemE for many years to come.”

Nicklin medal3: Queens University Belfast (QUB), UK, and PETRONAS, Malaysia

QUB and PetronasMedal awarded jointly to Queens University Belfast and PETRONAS in recognition of their multiple IChemE Award winning technology which removes toxic mercury from natural gas more efficiently.

QUB’s professor Martin Atkins said: “On behalf of PETRONAS and QUB we would like to express our delight in being awarded the Nicklin medal. It means so much to our entire team involved in this ambitious and challenging project and one of the first examples of PETRONAS developing innovative technology for its own operations and global application. 

“From the fundamental scientists in QUB to the researchers, technicians and manufacturing sites in PETRONAS that turned the science into commercial reality we express our thanks to IChemE for this great honour.”

Macnab-Lacey prize4: Monash University, Australia

Monash UniversityPrize awarded to Monash University for their group design project: the Gippsland PLA production facility.

Speaking on behalf of the design group, Monash’s Andrew Hoadley said: “Monash University Department of Chemical Engineering is delighted that their top design project group were awarded the MacNab-Lacey prize in 2013.  

“The group consisted of four chemical engineering students – Abdullah Al Harthy, Peter Harris, Yue Jiao, Jia Low, and Agnes Marcella – and one environmental engineering student – Timothy Werner.

“Not only did the group achieve a fantastic result for their PolyLactic Acid design plant, they also put together the submission for the MacNab-Lacey prize in their own time.”

Hanson medal5: Nick Hallale, Jacobs Consultancy Limited, UK 

Nick HallaleMedal awarded for Nick’s article – the safety of culture – published in IChemE's tce (the chemical engineer).

Nick said: “It is important that all engineers communicate more – with each other and especially to the wider public. The Hanson medal recognises the importance of communication and it is a great honour to receive the award.

“Engineers have lots to talk and write about. It’s a vital profession. Since receiving my awards letter, it has inspired me to start writing more frequently. I especially enjoy writing about unusual applications of chemical engineering concepts, particularly areas to which the wider public can relate. 

“Hopefully this will go some way to raise awareness of how wide-reaching engineering and chemical engineering can be, and others are inspired to do the same.”

Junior Moulton medal6: Arnaud Bizard, Siemens Metals Technologies, Austria 

Arnaud BizardMedal awarded for Arnaud’s paper design guidelines for granular particles in a conical centrifugal filter, with Dr Digby D Symons, professor Norman A Fleck, and GC Grimwood, published in Chemical Engineering Research and Design.

Arnaud said: "What a surprise and an honour! I am thrilled that my paper has been recognised by IChemE and I hope it will go on to benefit the food and pharmaceutical industries in particular. 

“I would also like to thank Dr Symons and professor Fleck of Cambridge University as well as Dr Grimwood of Thomas Broadbent and Sons. Without their support the paper would not have been possible.”

Dr Valeska TingWarner medal7: Dr Valeska Ting, University of Bath, UK 

Medal awarded for Valeska’s work on sustainable technologies including developing methodologies for the accurate testing and evaluation of porous materials for gas separation and storage.

Valeska said: “I was astounded when I received the news that I had been selected as the recipient of the Warner medal. As an international award, I feel very grateful and honoured to have even been nominated.”

Ambassador prize8: Dr Jarka Glassey, Newcastle University, UK

Jarka GlasseyPrize awarded to Jarka in recognition of her major contribution to IChemE’s tce (the chemical engineer) magazine during 2013.

Jarka said: “tce is an important magazine and has a key role in shaping the chemical engineering profession. It educates and communicates many important issues and causes – which I am also committed to – to further our profession, especially the next generation of chemical engineers.

“Encouraging more girls to choose a career in chemical engineering, enhancing student experiences, exchanging good practice in chemical engineering education; and involving industry in the chemical engineering curriculum through industrial placements are just some of the causes I am committed to.

“The Ambassador prize is a great honour and it has been a privilege to support the tce editorial team.”

Senior Moulton medal9: Andrea Cipollina, Giorgio Micale, Maria Grazia di Sparti, and Allesandro Tamburini, University of Palermo, Italy

Medal awarded to academics from the University of Palermo for their paper – development of a membrane distillation module for solar energy seawater desalination – published in Chemical Engineering Research and Design

University of PalermoOn behalf of the winners, Giorgio Micale said: "The authors would like to express their gratitude to IChemE for the recognition of their research efforts in the field of non-conventional sources of water and energy, with the challenging mission of developing affordable and technologically sound processes to provide reliable and secure fresh water supplies in dry areas.

“We are deeply honoured in being awarded the Senior Moulton medal and are fully committed to further contribute to the development of non conventional energy and water production technologies within the framework of environmental sustainability for the greater good of all human kind."

Hutchison medal10: Phillip Williamson (UK), Chris Vivian (UK), Shigenobu Takeda (Japan), Ulf Riebesell (Germany), Yves Collos (France), Peter Croot (Ireland), Kenneth Denman (Canada), Cliff Law (New Zealand), Philip Boyd (Australia) and Douglas Wallace (Canada)

Medal awarded to this multinational group of academics for their paper – ocean fertilisation for geoengineering: a review of effectiveness, environmental impacts and emerging governance – published in Process Safety and Environmental Protection.

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