24 November 2015

Chemical engineers creating innovative solutions

Professor Margaret Hyland
A chemical engineering innovation to reduce pollution associated with the production of aluminium smelting, was recognised at the recent Royal Society of New Zealand’s 2015 Research Honours dinner.
The Pickering Award was presented to its first ever female recipient, IChemE Fellow and Deputy Dean of the University of Auckland’s Faculty of Engineering, professor Margaret Hyland.

Hyland and her research team developed a new technology that focuses on capturing fluoride emissions produced by aluminium smelters.  This pioneering technology is now used across the globe, as a cost-effective way to reduce particulate emissions from aluminium smelting.

Professor Hyland said she was thrilled to have received the Pickering Medal: “It feels very special, particularly as I am the first woman to get this award and because it has been given for work which I feel very passionately about."

“Reducing fluoride emissions is a critical target to prevent damage, both to the environment and to people’s health.

“While the emissions reduction technology we developed is now used worldwide, it began here in New Zealand and I feel very proud of that.”


The Pickering Medal

The Pickering medal is a technology award for excellence, recognising those who through design, development or invention, performed innovative work. The work results have to have been significant in their influence, and recognised both nationally and international, or have led to significant commercial success.

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