30 July 2015

SG50 - Engineering feats

is a nationwide initiative to celebrate Singapore's 50th birthday. This is a momentous event for Singaporeans to reflect on how far we've come together as a nation.

In a happy coincidence, the Institution of Engineers, Singapore (IES) will also celebrate its 50th anniversary one year later in 2016.

To mark both occasions, IES has launched a special competition called Engineering Feats. This will seek out and recognise Singapore’s top 50 engineering achievements across all disciplines. We are looking for the people, the projects or the processes deemed by Singaporeans to have made the greatest societal, infrastructure or economic impact in our country.

Singapore’s engineering pioneers made a massive contribution to the building of our nation.  They helped to transform our city-state from a third-world, to a first-world nation. In the process, they engineered and delivered many solutions that changed people’s lives.  Chemical engineers were no exception.

IChemE wants to make sure that chemical engineering achievement features strongly in the list of Engineering Feats. We are asking all members in Singapore to put their thinking caps on and give us a list of their top chemical engineering achievements over the last 50 years.

Chemical engineering matters in Singapore and we want you to identify a short list of Singaporean people, processes or projects that have made a difference to the way that we live.

What are the greatest chemical engineering feats in Singapore’s history?

Your ideas will be incorporated into IChemE’s submission to the Engineering Feats competition and used to publicise the role of chemical engineers in Singapore.

Please send me your ideas and suggestions by Monday 12 October.

Avanna Tan
Membership marketing executive

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