13 November 2015

IIChE IChemE students views on why chemicial engineering matters

In November 2015, IChemE hosted 3 students selected by our colleagues at the Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers (IIChE) to take part  in a one week visit to the UK. Below is some views from the students and their respective presentations reflecting upon their areas of interest relating to why chemical engineering matters to them and based upon themes from IChemE's Chemical Engineering Matters initiative.

Their visit began with a tour of  Mondalez Intl hosted by Emma McLeod Emma McLeod CEng FIChemE, Principal Engineer (Process technologies) focusing on how chemical engineers get involved in the making of chocolate. Sauradeep said, ' Mondelez International ,gave us the perfect start with Emma giving us a wonderful insight into how chemical engineers can also play key roles in making chocolates. Yes, I knew that apart from oil and gas, chemical engineers do play important roles in pharmaceuticals, paint, food, consumer goods and several other industries, but to get a live demonstration of them preparing chocolates though to the final famous Cadbury wrapping, was something indeed special!'

The next visit was to Essar Oil where they learnt about the connections to India through subsidiary offices, giving a global perspective. Sauradeep said, 'Such programmes allow students to get an idea of how their discipline is being followed in different parts of the world and it allows us to gain further insight into the fact that why Chemical Engineering Matters! I hope that more of such programmes are organised in the future and look forward to continue being a part of IChemE.'

A visit to Birmingham University, Cemex and IChemE's global award dinner followed, all of which the students greatly appreciated and  Amrita reflected,' I really would like to thank IChemE for giving us the fantastic opportunity. Every single thing that I learnt over the past week completely changed my perspective and I feel very lucky to have been able to be at the receiving end of such a large amount of knowledge.'

The students presented on why chemical engineering matters to them at IChemE's head office. Please click below to see an overview of their interests.

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