04 May 2016

Waikato student wins IChemE prize

Waikato student wins IChemE prize

University of Waikato student, Morgan Fahey, has been awarded an IChemE prize recognising her as the School’s top third year process engineering student. The IChemE prize is awarded to a student who has achieved the top GPA score for the year.

Fahey achieved a GPA of 8.5 (average between A and A+) for the chemical stream of the chemical and biological engineering programme in BE (Hons) in 2015.  

Waikato’s acting dean of engineering, Janis Swan, says that Fahey continues the tradition of a woman being the top student in these two programmes.

“Both the chemical & biological engineering and materials & process engineering programmes have a high content of process and chemical-related engineering, with an equal number of men and women participating.”

Receiving her award at a special presentation by Dr Jonas Hoffmann-Vocke, Fahey said that she enjoys the fun and challenges of working in a project team.

“It’s satisfying to break down big ideas into something tangible with others.

"Applying that in a process to produce valuable products, or improve the environment is important – now, in the future, and all around the world.

“I’ve been fortunate enough to gain work experience at Fonterra and Tetra Park New Zealand, learning about equipment, design and gaining on-site experience.

“I am also thrilled about going straight into a graduate role so that I can continue developing my design competencies and nurture my team-spirit.”

Fahey adds that she is excited about the future and is looking forward to gaining knowledge in many industries so that she can obtain diverse experience in different processes and technology.

Demonstrating her commitment to the profession outside of the classroom has also seen Fahey take on the role of this year’s president for the Young Engineers’ Society at the University. She is also Waikato’s representative for Student Engineers New Zealand.

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