Policy reports

IChemE produces policy reports on topics relevant to the chemical engineering profession. We also work with other organisations on issues relevant to the wider engineering professions.

A strategy and action plan for the UK’s food manufacturing industry (IChemE, April 2017)

This report is a response from chemical engineers working in the food and drink industry. It provides a brief update to the 2009 report, Food – the vital ingredient, and answers specific questions from the BEIS Building our Industrial Strategy green paper consultation. 

Infrastructure, Engineering and Climate Change Adaptation (Engineering the Future, February 2011)

This report examines vulnerabilities in different sectors of the national infrastructure to the effects of climate change and the modifications that would be needed to increase resilience.

Global Water Security Report

Global Water Security - an engineering perspective (Engineering the Future, April 2010)

“This report sets out to approach the issues surrounding water security systematically. It argues that there needs to be a review of the governance and regulation of water so that the technologies that exist can be used effectively and efficiently and the need for new technologies can be identified.” Professor Peter Guthrie OBE FICE FREng 

The Vital Ingredient – chemical science and engineering for sustainable food (IChemE and RSC, January 2009)

This report shows that progress towards tackling key issues in the food supply chain are dependant on a number of underlying science and technology disciplines including chemistry, physics, biology and chemical engineering.

Other resources

Sustainable Development Progress Metrics 

Engineering guidance on risk (May 2011)

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