Rym Kanes AMIChemE

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Job title: Research Engineer
Company: ExxonMobil Research Qatar

Previous experience

I have been working in process safety for about a year now. I am not entirely new to the field of process safety however, as my Master's degree thesis was focused on this area of research.

What prompted you to decide to become and Associate Member (Process Safety)?

I was approached by an IChemE representative at a conference, and they spoke to me about their newest membership grade, which recognises process safety specialists. Members targeted were young professionals, like myself, that were working within the process safety field, and that would one day like to obtain a professional registration with IChemE. I recognised this as a great opportunity, since it will encourage me to continue working towards attaining the required level to become a Professional Process Safety Engineer. This kind of accreditation would infinitely add value to my overall experience and standing within the process safety world.

How useful do you think the qualification will be to your future career?

The qualification will definitely provide increased career prospects and employability, a record of an internationally recognised professional competence, and an improved status amongst the industry and peers.

Would you recommend others to become Associate Member (Process Safety)?

Yes, I would recommend other young professionals to become member as well, as this can help pave the path for them in the process safety world, in terms of widening their exposure, enhancing their personal and professional development through the various training courses offered, and access to information. Together, these facilitate their Professional Process Safety Engineer registration. This recognition is at the same level as being a Professional Engineer, which is always an achievement to strive for in one's career.

When will you begin working towards Professional Process Safety Engineer?

When I gain a bit more experience, and I am able to demonstrate the full range of competencies required by the IChemE standard

My IChemE

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