Registered Scientist AMIChemE

Does your work require you to apply scientific concepts and principles within a process or chemical led department or business?

Professional qualification with IChemE is a way of demonstrating your scientific understanding within a process or chemical engineering led environment, and recognition of your status in the field.

RSci AMIChemE could be the right professional title for you, if:

  • you use your scientific understanding to address complex problems
  • you exercise personal and professional responsibility
  • you work in a position connected to process engineering: such as in a laboratory or research role

Registered Scientist (RSci) is a new award providing recognition for those working in scientific and higher technical roles within academia and the process industries. It is a stand alone qualification but is also a step on the development pathway to Chartered Scientist (CSci) and/or Chartered Engineer (CEng).

Candidates will typically hold a relevant qualification at degree level or have gained sufficient experience through work-based learning.

Why get professionally qualified?

The designation RSci provides a benchmark of competence across different scientific disciplines. It will give you:

  • the letters RSci after your name, as a registered scientist through the Science Council
  • the letters AMIChemE after your name, as a professionally qualified member of IChemE
  • independent validation of your expertise
  • enhanced status and influence in the workplace
  • access to learning and networking opportunities to broaden your understanding of process engineering and provide you with best practice
  • improved earning potential
  • better career prospects, including the option to continue your work towards Chartered Scientist (CSci) and/or Chartered Engineer (CEng) registration(s)

How do I apply?

Find out more about how to apply for RSci.

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