Case studies

Jack Denwood, Technician member
Technical specialist trainee at Sellafield Ltd

Jack wanted to continue education after studying Maths and Science at A level, so was pleased to find an opportunity that presented his ideal combination of vocational and academic study, when he joined Sellafield Ltd. Whilst concentrating on his education, Jack is keen to build suitable qualifications and experience to stand him in good stead for future career development. 

At the beginning of the course, Jack's intake met a number of organisations and he says he felt IChemE was the best fit:

"The Technician membership suits my current situation and will enable me to eventually build upon this to apply for the EngTech qualification. I have found the IChemE website really useful and I think that my membership will present me with a lot of valuable networking opportunities, which could open doors for me in the future.

The best thing about being a Technician member of IChemE is that it is an internationally recognised institution, and it can award me with EngTech, an internationally recognised qualification. I really want to gain EngTech status and becoming a Technician member of IChemE is the first step to achieving this.

On paper these membership levels will demonstrate that I am a motivated and driven candidate who takes my professional development seriously. So I would encourage those in similar roles to join IChemE and companies to promote both Technician membership and EngTech to suitable candidates."

Martin Killcross EngTech TIChemE
Manager of commissioning services at Pegasus TSI

Martin KillcrossMartin has a wealth of experience in the chemical and process industry, having held increasingly senior positions in a career spanning over 30 years. He has been an Affiliate member of IChemE for ten years so was one of the first to apply for and gain the EngTech qualification when he read about it in tce magazine.

Despite Martin's significant knowledge, experience and passion for process engineering, because he had never studied chemical engineering at university level, he felt, like many, overlooked in his professional profile.

For Martin, the award of EngTech TIChemE is long awaited recognition of his place in the profession he has built his career in. The title has also opened up the potential to work towards Incorporated Engineer (IEng) status and give him recognition amongst the wider chemical engineering community.

"I see EngTech as an invaluable tool for our process technicians and operators to develop and grow their professional status; it's a formal industry standard qualification which powerfully demonstrates an individual's calibre and quality."  

Heather Lancaster BSc MSc EngTech TIChemE
Process scientist at United Utilities

Heather LancasterHeather is part of the R&D team at United Utilities, where her responsibilities include supervising pilot plant performance, testing, analysis, sampling and providing technical support.

Heather's expertise comes from her scientific background, yet the nature of her work is focussed on the link between science and process engineering, so she has built a solid understanding of the area.

She wanted recognition of her place and knowledge in both fields as well as the chance to increase her overall understanding of process engineering. So following a discussion with IChemE at an engineering forum in her company, Heather decided that EngTech qualification was the solution:

“I’m a scientist at heart but I am acutely aware that in my role I need to look at the bigger picture of process engineering too. Becoming a Technician member and gaining EngTech TIChemE fitted very well with my requirements as it clearly demonstrates that I am working in engineering without denying my specialism or expertise in science.

As someone who isn’t a chemical engineer I feel that IChemE has catered for my needs and bridged the gap between the two fields, helping me to keep up to date with what’s out there regarding the latest developments in technology, networking opportunities and events and giving me a title that recognises my knowledge.

I have always felt that the two fields of science and engineering are not simply black and white and am pleased that IChemE recognise those in the ‘grey area’!”

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