Examples of types of CPD

All the examples below can count as evidence as long as you can show you have expanded or updated your knowledge and skills.

  • formal study, eg: postgraduate courses and individual course modules, even if not leading to a qualification
  • private study in your technical field or in transferable skills, the learning outcomes of which can be demonstrated
  • participation in IChemE or other professional organisations activities - attendance at committee meetings, working groups or panels where a personal contribution is made
  • interviewing, university or industrial training accreditation, assessing, mentoring, teaching, assisting in the professional development of others
  • job development and work based learning to improve your knowledge and competence
    publication of material, research papers relating to the profession
  • in house/external courses, workshops, seminars and discussion groups, conferences, technical inspections and technical meetings – including distance learning and e-learning
    preparation and delivery of lectures, presentations, courses, etc
  • collaboration with universities and colleges, e.g. as a visiting lecturer or in preparing teaching materials; or for professionals in the academic world, collaboration with industry eg: through joint research, consultancy, project supervision or secondment
  • relevant voluntary work - attending careers events or other activities that helps to promote STEM study to young people and their parents and teachers, taking part in IChemE’s whynotchemeng campaign
    secondments and special projects

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