CSci registrants

Chartered Scientist (CSci) registrants must engage in ongoing CPD in order to remain on the register.

All CSci registrants are expected to maintain an annual CPD record.  Registrants will be contacted each year to declare that they are participating in CPD and remain a professionally active Chartered Scientist,    IChemE will then request evidence from a random sample each year to ensure adherence. 

Registrants on career breaks or unemployed may defer revalidation.

CPD should develop deeper and broader knowledge and competency. A Chartered Scientist should conduct CPD in at least three (exceptionally two) of the following categories:

  1. Work based learning (eg: reflective practise, ….)
  2. Professional activity (eg: mentoring, professional body involvement, ….)
  3. Formal/Educational activity (eg:. training, further education, writing papers, ….) 
  4. Self directed learning activity (eg: reviewing articles, journals, ….)
  5. Other (eg: public service, voluntary work, ….)

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