Colin Pritchard

Colin Pritchard

  • Position Committee Member


Colin is a passionate pursuer of sustainability in this time of very rapid change. He has 50 years’ working experience in industrial energy systems, energy storage and recovery, low-energy separations, and in education around the world (with MSc in Outdoor Education).

Design engineer, section leader and plant manager; he established a degree course in Chemical engineering at University of Dar es Salaam, and founded Edinburgh University’s Centre for Environmental Change and Sustainability. Long-term collaborations with LeGoff (Nancy) and Nakaiwa (Yokkaichi); he runs courses on sustainable energy and climate resilience for Commonwealth Fellows, particularly from East Africa.

Hobbies include climbing; running up and down (iconic) volcanoes; building things; choral singing; poetry; “Primary Engineer” (taking engineering to schools).

Election statement

I joined the IChemE half a century ago when it was a learned society; and served on its International Committee, as Chair of the Scottish Branch, as a Trustee of ‘Engineers Against Poverty’; and on its Energy Centre and Sustainability SIG Committee since their inception. But “sustainability” is not a “special interest” for chemical engineers. It has been the backbone of my working life spent in industry, NGO, academia and consultancy. Now we have entered a state of climate emergency, where the UK Government has willed the end (“climate neutrality” by 2050) but relies wholly on others to provide the means: something the IChemE is well placed to support.

I have built up and maintain a global network of contacts across a range of technologies and applications. I would bring the voice of someone who held responsible positions in the chemical industry; and a voice for “the voiceless” - particularly the young, and in E. Africa where the food-water-energy-planetary heating nexus is crucial.

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