Services Working Party

The Services Working Party will be responsible for identifying, developing and costing services that support the content narrative for IChemE100. They will work closely with all other IChemE100 working parties, and management, to ensure that a clear, compelling story of chemical engineers and their contribution to society in the past, present and future, is communicated to all stakeholders throughout IChemE’s centenary year. 

Services can include, but are not limited to, copy, photographs, images, graphics, banners, videos, virtual reality, animation, books, website pages, blog articles, magazine and newspaper articles, journal articles/off-print, presentations, lectures and pre-recorded digital media.

This working party will need to work closely with the Past, Present and Future Content Working Parties plus the Platforms and Funding Working Party to ensure that their narrative is taken forward and told appropriately.

Find out more in the Services Working Party Terms of Reference.

If you are interested in being a member of the Services Working Party, please complete the application process and let us know about your skills and experience in the following areas:

  • planning and reporting
  • producing outputs (articles, photographs, books, websites etc.) that tell a compelling story of chemical engineers and their contribution to society
  • communicating with external stakeholders
  • interest in and/or knowledge of chemical engineering
  • ability to contribute to the building of a dialogue, that engages members and external stakeholders in the aims of IChemE100
  • ability to reach and collaborate with stakeholders that have relevant knowledge to input into the above (including the IChemE staff team).

The Services Working Party will have a maximum of 10 members, including one Chair.

All members are eligible to apply. This is an unpaid, voluntary role.

Find out more about the application process.

The deadline to apply to be a member of the Services Working Party is 12:00 GMT on 31 January 2020.

For further information please email

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