IChemE EPSRC ethics study

IChemE and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) are undertaking a joint project on ethics.

As part of this project we are collecting case studies of relevance to researchers and engineers working in chemical, process and biological engineering. The case studies will be used to help others to develop a better understanding of ethical issues, either by publishing them online or in paper format, or using them as the basis for training materials.

The case studies will explain practical aspects of ethical dilemmas and give examples of how the challenges have been approached, resolved and managed. From these individuals can draw their own conclusions on the case and how they might approach the dilemma if they were faced with a similar situation.

The case studies are anonymised by removing any references to specific people, organisations or places and by removing any contextual details which could link the events described to specific people, organisations or places.

If you have an experience that could make a useful case study you can contribute to this project.

We have two routes to collect case study material

  • submit information anonymously online 
    As this route does not collect any contact details, we cannot work with the contributor to agree the final format of the material
  • contact a member of staff at IChemE who will work with you to develop the material into an anonymised case study

If you would like to speak to an IChemE member of staff please contact Andrew Furlong, Director of Communications and Brand Development, on 01788 534484.

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