My IChemE

What is 'My IChemE'?

'My IChemE' is a secure area of where members and subscribers can check their details, pay subscriptions, print out receipts and more. To access 'My IChemE' you will need to log in using your membership number and PIN/password. If you are not a member, please use your reference number and PIN/Password that was issued to you when purchasing from our online shop.

How can I get a replacement membership card?

To get a replacement membership card log in to 'My IChemE'. Click on 'Update my Profile' and then tick the box requesting a new membership card. Cards are printed every 3 months, so there may be a delay before you receive your card.

How do I get my PIN/Password?

To retrieve your PIN/Password click, 'Forgotten login?' under 'My IChemE' on the top right-hand side of this page. You'll need to enter your membership number (which can be found on the majority of mailings from IChemE), and your email address. Please note you must enter the year as 4 digits, and the email address must be your IChemE registered contact email.

How do I get a receipt?

To get a receipt log in to 'My IChemE' and enter your membership number and PIN, and click on 'Receipts'. Select a receipt to view and print it.

I've moved/changed company - how do I update my contact details?

To update your details log in to 'My IChemE'. Select 'Update my details' from the menu and choose which address you want to update.

When I try to retrieve my PIN/Password it says 'Details not Recognised' why is this?

This will be because some of the information does not match what we have on our system for you. The most common cause for this is because your date of birth is being entered incorrectly. It needs to be in the format of DD/MM/YYYY. If however you are still getting the message saying details not recognised please use the 'more help' form and tick the 'My IChemE' box and in the message include the data you're entering.

My house/company isn't in the address finder - what can I do?

If you're in the UK, Ireland or Australia we use 'Quick Address Software' as provided by the Royal Mail for the address finder. If your company is not recognised, this will be because it has not been updated by your company with the Royal Mail. If you use the 'more help' form tick the 'My IChemE' box and include your new address. Once we have updated your details we will acknowledge the change has been made and you can then go and add other data such as job title, phone number and email.

My IChemE

IChemE is a registered charity in England & Wales (214379), and a charity registered in Scotland (SC 039661).