Member Groups

What is my local member group?

Your member group will be in the area of your preferred mailing address.

How do I contact my member group?

All member groups have a web area within 

What events are organised by my member group?

Typical regional events are technical talks, site visits, CPD sessions such as the Get Chartered seminar, and social events.

Where can I find information on events in my area?

Events are available on

Where/when can I attend a 'Get Chartered' event?

Future dates and locations for events are available on

How do I join the committee of my member group?

If you are interested in joining the committee you can contact the Chairman or Secretary and express your interest. You will be invited to a committee meeting where you may be co-opted onto the committee until the next AGM when you can be formally voted onto the committee.

Can I change member group?

Yes. If you live and work in different regions you may select either of these regions without needing to change your preferred mailing address.

Who can I talk to if I have any comments or questions?

You can contact any of your local committee members.

Can I opt in to other member groups?

It will soon be possible to 'join' more than one region.

I'm relocating, will my new region offer the same type of events as my current member group?

All member groups plan their events on the same core activities. You should expect the same type of activities but the frequency and timings may vary.

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