Hutchison Medal

The medal is named in memory of past President, Sir Kenneth Hutchison, and is awarded for both practical and wide-ranging, philosophical or thought-provoking published papers.

Who is it awarded to?

The Hutchison Medal is awarded for both practical and wide-ranging, philosophical or thought-provoking published papers.

In the award of the Hutchison Medal, IChemE is looking to reward papers that are not sufficiently technical to qualify as candidates for the Moulton Medal, but are nevertheless important contributions to the literature that will stimulate further debate within the chemical engineering community.

How is the winner decided?

Papers are nominated by publications medals board assessors during the year and, delegates attending conferences which form part of IChemE’s Symposium Series are also invited to make nominations.

Nominations are invited from all IChemE members and the final decision is made by the Medals and Prizes Committee with advice from the Publications Medals Board. Nominations should be no more than 600 words and sent to:

How do I nominate somebody?

If you are a delegate at an eligible conference you will be invited to make nominations.

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When is the deadline?

30 September 2018

For more information contact us.

2017 medal winners

Professor Grant M Campbell and Dr Daniel J Belton (University of Huddersfield, UK)

For their paper: "Setting up new chemical engineering degree programmes: Exercises in design and retrofit within constraints" published in Education for Chemical Engineers, Volume 17, 2016, 1‒13

2016 medal winners

Dr R Moreno-Peñaranda (Hosei University, Japan), Dr A Gasparatos (University of Tokyo, Japan), Mr P Strömberg (Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, Sweden), Miss A Suwa (Kyoto Women's University, Japan), Dr A Hadi Pandyaswargo (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan) and Mr J.A. Puppim de Oliveira (Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and São Paulo School of Business Administration and Brazilian School of Public and Business Administration (FGV/EBAPE), Brazil)

For their paper: "Sustainable production and consumption of palm oil in Indonesia: What can stakeholder perceptions offer to the debate?" published in Sustainable Production and Consumption, Volume 4, October 2015, 16‒35.

2015 medal winner

Dr K.E. Kakosimos (Texas A&M University of Qatar)

For his paper "Example of a micro-adaptive instruction methodology for the improvement of flipped-classrooms and adaptive-learning based on advanced blended-learning tools" published in Education for Chemical Engineers, 12: 1-11.

2014 medal winners

Dr J Sacher (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile), Dr F Lopez (Universtitat Rovira i Virgili, Spain), Dr H Segura (Universidad de Concepción, Chile), Dr J R Perrez-Correra (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile) and Ms L Garcia-Llobodanin

For their paper "Dynamic modelling and simulation of an alembic pear wine distillation", published in "Food and Bioproducts Processing", Volume 91: 447-456.

2013 medal winners

Dr Phillip Williamson (University of East Anglia); Dr Douglas W R Wallace (Dalhousie University, Canada); Dr Cliff S Law (NIWA, New Zealand); Professor Philip Boyd (University of Otago, New Zealand); Dr Yves Collos (Universite Montpellier 2, France); Professor Peter Croot (National University of Ireland, Ireland); Professor Kenneth Denman (University of Victoria, Canada); Professor Dr Ulf Riebesell (IFM-GEOMAR, Germany); Professor Shigenobu Takeda (Nagasaki University, Japan); Dr Chris Vivian (Centre for Environment, Fisheries & Aquaculture Science, DEFRA)

For their paper "Ocean fertilization for geoengineering: a review of effectiveness, environmental impacts and emerging governance", published in "Process Safety & Environmental Protection", November 2012.

2012 medal winners

Professor Nilay Shah (F); Dr Rui T Sousa (Imperial College London); Dr Songsong Liu; Dr Lazaros G Papageorgiou (University College London)

For their paper "Global supply chain planning for pharmaceuticals", published in "Chemical Engineering Research & Design", November 2011.

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