Sargent Medal

Named after Roger Sargent, former president of IChemE and Courthaulds professor of chemical engineering at Imperial College, the medal was launched in 2014 to recognise a major contribution to research in the area of computer-aided product and process engineering. Sargent, thought by many to be the founding father of process systems engineering, has a huge influence both through his research and his many students. 

Who is it awarded to?

The medal will be awarded to one of more individuals who have made a significant recent contribution to research into computer-aided product and process engineering. The contribution could encompass, but need not be limited to, a concept that has promoted much interest, the solution of an unsolved problem, new methods/tools leading to innovative processes/products, or a significant advance of the state of the art within the area of process systems engineering.

How is the winner decided?

Nominations will be considered by a panel including industrial and academic members, and a shortlist and preferred name submitted to IChemE’s Medals and Prizes Committee.

How do I nominate somebody?

Nominations should be no more than 600 words and sent to:  

Download the nomination form >>

When is the deadline?

31 October 2018

For more information contact us.

2017 medal winner

Professor Robin Smith
University of Manchester, UK

2016 medal winner

Professor Christodoulos A Floudas (posthumously)
Texas A&M University, USA

2015 medal winner

Professor Costas Pantelides
Imperial College London/Process Systems Enterprise Ltd, UK

2014 medal winner

Professor Ignacio Grossmann
Carnegie Mellon University, USA


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