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An Accredited Company Training Scheme reflects a flexible, living partnership between the company, the trainee chemical engineer and the IChemE. It is designed to assure delivery of tangible, high quality and relevant experience to trainees.

ACTS provides recognizable professional outcomes and provides clearly defined benefits for all participating partners:

  • reduced staff turnover
  • competitive advantage in recruitment
  • promotion to final year students at all IChemE accredited chemical engineering departments
  • information about your training scheme
  • tce company features
  • incentivised and motivated trainees
  • well developed chemical engineers in minimum time frame
  • in-house Get Chartered and Mentoring sessions
  • option of mid-stage review for applicants



“When I joined Huntsman I was put onto the IChemE accredited training scheme which I think is a definite plus, as it shows the company's commitment to Chartership.”

Paul Illsley, Process Development Engineer


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