Why apply to a company with an accredited training scheme?

Not all companies offer the range of opportunities for graduates to use their newly learnt skills and knowledge. Nor can they provide the specialist training you will need to become recognised as a professional chemical engineer.

In order to help, IChemE has established the type of training and experience that graduates should receive in this initial period. We have also developed a facility by which companies can have their graduate training programmes assessed against these guidelines.

So to be sure of receiving the highest quality training and gaining the experience you need apply first to a company with an IChemE accredited scheme. If your chosen company isn’t listed why not suggest they seek accreditation.

What help will I get from the company?

As well as your line manager who will supervise your day to day work, the company will give you a mentor. The mentor will preferably be a Chartered Chemical Engineer who will check on your progress and ensure that you obtain the right opportunities and training.

What help will I get from IChemE?

There is an information booklet "Notes for Trainees" on this website, which you can download if required. Regular reference to will enable you to keep up-to-date with any new developments. We will also monitor the scheme to ensure that you are receiving the required training and opportunities. Any enquiries can be sent to the ACTS administrator.


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