How long does it take to accredit my training course?

Accredited training brochure - 2018

Applications which require only one peer review can take as little as 4-8 weeks for a single training course. Important time considerations include the availability of a suitable IChemE peer reviewer and the number of courses submitted for accreditation. A typical peer review is completed 10-12 weeks after payment has been received

How do you protect my intellectual property and copyright?

IChemE signs a non-disclosure to ensure your course content and materials are protected.

What training courses can be accredited?

Open training courses; in-house training courses; learning modules / units; professional development programmes; and online training courses. Please contact us if you would like to check the suitability of your course for accreditation.

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Are discounts available?

Yes. Discounts are available if you submit multiple courses for accreditation. Additional courses must be made within three months of first application to qualify for a discount.

What type of organisations can use the training accreditation service?

Training providers; universities; colleges of further education; and employers. Please contact us if you would like to check your eligibility.

How much does accreditation of training courses cost?

Accreditation cost can equate to as little as £333 per annum for each year covered by the accreditation agreement.

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How long does IChemE training accreditation last?

Up to three years.

Can I use the IChemE logo to promote my accredited training course?

Once accredited, IChemE issues several official logos, with dates, which can be used for each year of your accreditation period.

Who peer reviews the course?

IChemE has a team of volunteers, who are senior members of the profession and experts in their fields.

What if my training course fails accreditation?

IChemE’s training accreditation provides up to three review stages to help you meet the required standards. If your course fails after the third stage the accreditation process ends. To continue the process you would need to re-apply from the beginning and pay again.

Is there a time limit to complete the accreditation process?

A time limit of up to 12 months, from receipt of the application, is enforced to re-submit or revise applications and complete the three-stage peer review process.

Are IChemE’s marketing services included in the standard accreditation fees?

No. The marketing services are optional and must be bought in addition to the accreditation process.

Is your training accreditation service available internationally?

Yes. IChemE accredits training in all countries and territories. 

Which IChemE accreditation service do I use for my undergraduate / postgraduate / academic course?

Undergraduate/postgraduate and academic course providers should use our ‘Accreditation of chemical engineering programmes’ service.

What happens when my course receives accreditation?

We will send you an email confirming your success and a Welcome Pack containing:

  • Certificate of accreditation
  • IChemE training accreditation logos
  • Course CPD logo
  • Branding guidance - how to use your training accreditation logo
  • Personalised course delegate certificate (sample)
  • IChemE training courses catalogue (sample) 
  • Template news release to promote your success


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