How to apply

How to make an application for benchmarking, accreditation or reaccreditation of your university programmes

  1. Contact IChemE at an early stage to arrange a benchmarking, accreditation or reaccreditation visit by emailing our accreditation team. A visit will be arranged at a mutually convenient date.
  2. Read the guidance document.


If organising a benchmarking visit, IChemE will send you the appropriate information and forms. If you're seeking accreditation or reaccreditation:

  • download the appropriate set of forms for the Standard (M-, B-, F- or D-) of the programmes you want accredited from either Annex 1 or Annex 2
  • read the supporting documents
  • check the implementation timetable (note that changes were made to the guidance in 2016 with full compliance expected by July 2018)
  • complete the downloaded forms (Parts 1, 2 and 4) and submit these to IChemE three months in advance of the scheduled visit (note that Part 3 is used by the assessors) 
  • prepare for the visit!


All universities with accredited programmes are listed on our Accredited universities page >>


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