Implementation timetable

  1. Accreditations taking place in 2015 will be based on the existing (2012) guidelines.
  2. Accreditations from January 2016 will be based on the revised guidelines, with allowance for implementation by universities as in point (3) below.
  3. Full compliance with the revised learning outcomes and credit requirements is required by 2018, as follows:


  • Programmes undergoing accreditation before July 2018: At the accreditation visit, if not already compliant, departments must present plans to show how they intend to meet the new requirements by July 2018. For those not yet compliant, EAF will set a standard condition to meet the requirement by July 2018. 
  • Programmes undergoing accreditation after July 2018 must be fully compliant at the time of the accreditation visit.

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