31st Symposium of Malaysian Chemical Engineers

31st Symposium of Malaysian Chemical Engineers

5-6 December, Kuala Lumpur

Innovative Thought for Chemical Engineering Practice

University Putra Malaysia together with IChemE will be organizing the 31st SOMChE with the aim of continuing to propagate the collaboration between industry and academia, which remains a critical pillar of innovation. This conference will gather recent research from academia from 10 different areas of chemical engineering including engineering education and industrial revolution 4.0.

The areas of particular interest that have been identified are:

  • Sustainable & Green Process 
  • Environmental Engineering 
  • Industrial Reliability 
  • Process Safety 
  • Biochemical Engineering 
  • Materials Science and Engineering 
  • Renewable Materials 
  • Energy 
  • Engineering Education 
  • Industrial Revolution 4.0

Participants are invited to submit their presentations by email in either oral or poster format.