9th Regional Process Safety Seminar

27—28 October 2020, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Leadership and culture

We continue to see process safety incidents occur all over the world, despite the vast amount of knowledge we have about root causes. So why do we not seem to be learning the lessons of the past?

People will respond and act based on what they have experienced in the past. If people are encouraged to bypass safety systems by being rewarded for delivering productivity, they will continue to do it. This is where leadership and culture come to the fore.

Demonstrating good process safety leadership will not only lead to positive process safety results, which directly enhance organisational reliability, they will also lead to a culture where people are valued and supported. This improvement of leadership and culture underpin our efforts to improve process safety outcomes, so people can go home at the end of their shift, unharmed.

Leadership and culture is all the more important at this time where we have massive disruption to our status quo. We are seeing instances of increased incidents in some sectors and decreases in others as we adapt our ways of working.

Join us at the 9th Regional Process Safety Seminar to see how you can enhance your leadership and organisational culture to achieve improved results in this disrupted environment.

Further information about the event will be available soon.