1. Will Hazards 30 also take place as a face-to-face event?

    No, Hazards 30 will be held exclusively as a virtual event on 26–27 November 2020.

  2. How will the virtual Hazards 30 work?

    Hazards 30 will be delivered using the online event platform iVent, which provides all the tools needed to create an engaging and interactive event.

    Via the iVent platform, we will have a virtual ‘conference centre’ complete with an entrance hall, auditoriums for the technical sessions and plenary presentations, a networking lounge, a help desk, and an interactive exhibition hall.

  3. The session times don't work for me because of my timezone. Will the presentations be recorded? 

    Yes, all presentations will be recorded and available to attendees on-demand for 30 days after the event. The chat history from the Q&A will also be available, to help with your learning.

  4. What will the Hazards 30 programme look like?

    We will be pre-recording all presentations but broadcasting the videos as part of a live timetable on 26 and 27 November 2020. Presenters will be available at the end of their scheduled slot to participate in live Q&A via a text chat function.

    Presentations will be delivered across parallel sessions over the two days. All presentation recordings will be available on-demand for 30 days after the event, along with the Q&A chat history, to help you access as much content as possible.

    As with a face-to-face event, there will be plenty of time scheduled for breaks during the presentation sessions.

  5. How will I get to ‘meet’ other conference attendees?

    Whilst networking can never be fully replicated via an online event, the virtual platform does encourage and facilitate professional networking.

    Before the event, you will be asked to create a delegate profile – your virtual name badge – which will include your photograph and as much professional information about yourself as you choose to help you network and make new contacts. At any time during the event, you will be able to see who is attending live with you and search for contacts. You will be able to interact with other attendees via live text chat (public or private) in the networking lounge and via video or text chat in the exhibition hall.

  6. What will the exhibition hall look like?

    Exhibitors will have a dedicated virtual stand which will be very visual and interactive, with live video and text chat, and links to download information or watch videos. Delegates will have a virtual event bag in which to collect information throughout the event.

  7. Do I need to download any particular software to participate?

    No, you do not need any particular software. You simply need a good Internet connection configured to stream media. However, you should ensure that your computer has cookies and JavaScript enabled. Popups should also be enabled, which are required for some functionality within the platform.

    Some of the presentations will be delivered in virtual meeting rooms away from the main iVent platform (which you will reach via a simple web link).

  8. I’m not sure I want to attend now it’s virtual. Convince me!

    We understand that meeting in person is a big part of what makes events like Hazards special and we are looking forward to bringing the process safety community together face-to-face again soon. In the meantime, attending virtually has lots of advantages:

    • Benefit from your peers’ process safety knowledge and experience, and maintain your focus on good practice, without risking your personal safety.
    • Hazards always offers a comprehensive range of technical content and it is never possible to listen to it all at the face to face event. At the virtual event, you can design an agenda that works for you on 26 & 27 November, attend and interact with the live presentations that interest you the most, and watch everything else in your own time up to 30 days after the event.
    • Virtual networking can be fun and easier for some than networking in person. Plus, by checking out attendees’ virtual profiles first, you can quickly identify the new contacts that will be most valuable to you.
    • Save on travel, accommodation expenses and time away from the desk, whilst getting many of the same benefits.
  9. Have the registration rates changed with the event going virtual?

    The rates have been reduced for the virtual event. Visit the Fees and registration page for more details.

  10. I was registered to attend the face-to-face event on 18–20 May 2020. What will happen to my registration?

    We will be in touch to discuss this with you. If you confirm that you would like to attend the virtual event, we will transfer your registration and process a partial refund based on the new rates. If you cannot attend this year, you can transfer your registration to Hazards 31 (also being held virtually in November 2021) or cancel it without penalty and receive a full refund.

  11. We were registered to sponsor or exhibit at the face-to-face event. What will happen to our package?

    We recognise the value that face-to-face events offer your company. Whilst virtual meetings are different, they do offer many opportunities to showcase your products and services, engage with attendees, and generate new leads. We will be touch to discuss the virtual options with you in more detail.

  12. We cancelled our exhibition package at the face to face event, but would like to exhibit at the virtual event. What are our options?

    If you would like to exhibit at the virtual event, please contact hazards@icheme.org and we’ll get in touch to discuss the options available.

  13. Are there opportunities to present at Hazards 30?

    Presenting slots have already been filled for Hazards 30. Contact us if you'd like to contribute to Hazards 31 in 2021.

  14. What does this mean for Hazards 31?

    Given the ongoing uncertainty about the viability of face-to-face events in 2021, Hazards 31 will also be held virtually in November 2021 (exact dates to be confirmed). The timeline for the call for papers, registration etc will be announced in early 2021.

  15. I have a question not answered here. Who do I contact?

    Please email hazards@icheme.org.