Who should attend

Hazards 30 is an ideal event for anyone who is active in process safety and risk management for chemical process facilities or other facilities dealing with hazardous materials.

Process safety professionals working at all levels and across all industry sectors will benefit from attending.

Hazards delegates typically include:

  • process safety practitioners in industry
  • process safety consultants and safety specialists
  • senior industry leaders accountable for process safety without day-to-day responsibility
  • academic researchers
  • representatives from industry bodies and regulators.

At Hazards 29 in 2019:

  • almost half of delegates worked at an operating company
  • delegates came from 34 different countries.

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"The people who need to attend Hazards are those operating the plants, the ones who are dealing with the hazards and risks on a day to day basis. They need to come and see what the science is about and understand what they need to be doing to make their operations as safe as possible."

Rob Magraw, BakerRisk

"We bring people together from all different sectors to share and enhance process safety."

Trish Kerin, IChemE Safety Centre