Hazards 31

Call for abstracts

Submission deadline: 14 May 2021.
Written or video abstracts welcomed.

Hazards is the platform for sharing good practice, current thinking and lessons learned in process safety. It is also an opportunity for industry practitioners to explore some of the wider challenges they face, and the associated process safety risks and opportunities.

Whatever your experience in process safety, if you think that it will inspire others and make a positive difference, we invite you to share your knowledge with peers by presenting at Hazard 31

We would particularly like to encourage those owning and managing risk in operating companies across a range of sectors to share their practical experience and strategic insight.

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What we are looking for

We are keen to hear about anything that your peers can learn from and transfer to their own operations eg:

  • practical lessons learned eg feedback on challenges/issues encountered and how you solved them
  • new innovation or research
  • lessons learned from incidents/near-misses
  • case studies demonstrating how good process safety practice has delivered tangible, positive results.

Download a list of suggested abstract topics.

We would also like to hear from anyone who has insight to contribute on our broader conference themes:

  • Identifying and embedding good practice in process safety including:

    • the role of executive leadership
    • how to achieve engagement and common practice
    • learning lessons from past incidents.
  • How to embed the strategic learning from the COVID-19 response into process safety management

  • Process safety issues associated with climate change and decarbonisation technologies including:

    • managing the effect on existing infrastructure
    • the opportunity to apply the principles of inherent safety
    • understanding and managing the major hazard implications of new energies including H2, LNG, batteries, wind and solar
    • managing the effect of changing weather patterns and extreme events caused by climate change.
  • Process safety opportunities and risks associated with digitalisation, big data, Artificial Intelligence, and cyber security

Submission guidance

Who we would like to hear from

Anyone who has contributions to share on any of the above from an industrial, regulatory or academic perspective.

Hazards is primarily a conference for industrialists, and we would particularly like to encourage those owning and managing risk within operating companies to share their practical experience so that others can learn from it.

We would like to hear about experience in a range of industry sectors including oil and gas, chemicals, offshore, power, laboratories, nuclear, food and drink, pharmaceuticals, water, manufacturing, renewable energy, agrochemicals, transmission networks, and transport of hazardous goods/supply chain.

Why contribute?
  • Share your experience and inspire others
  • Help us to make the process industries safer for the benefit of society
  • Enhance your professional reputation and demonstrate your commitment to good process safety practice, and to your personal/professional development
  • Make new contacts and exchange ideas and experience with practitioners from around the world
  • Generate impact for your research and present it to an industrial audience
What is expected of a presenter?

If your abstract is accepted, you will be allocated a 30-minute slot in the programme, which includes a recommended ten minutes for Q&A. There will be time allowed for additional questions and further discussion at the end of each session block.

All presentations will be pre-recorded and we will require your video in advance. This will be broadcast as part of a live programme on 16–18 November 2021 (all times will be Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)).

Presenters are expected to attend during their presentation slot, to answer live questions at the end of their pre-recorded presentation, and to be available for further discussion at the end of their allocated session block. Presenters will benefit from a heavily discounted conference fee.

The submission process

We appreciate that time is precious. To make submitting as easy for you as possible, you can choose to provide:

  • a detailed written abstract of 300–1,000 words; or
  • a verbal abstract via a short video (3–5 minutes long) accompanied by a shorter written summary (approximately 250 words).

Either way, the purpose of the abstract is to help the technical committee assess your proposed content, why you think it will be of interest to the Hazards audience and how it will benefit them – not your video production skills!    

If you would like to discuss your proposed topic before submitting an abstract, feel free to contact us.

All submissions will be reviewed by our technical committee. The highest quality abstracts considered relevant to the Hazards 31 audience will be offered a presenting slot in the programme or the opportunity to display a virtual poster at the conference. You can indicate a preference on the submission form.

If your abstract is successful, you will be encouraged to submit a more detailed paper that will be reviewed again by the technical committee and included in the conference proceedings. However, submitting a full paper is not an essential requirement of presenting.

How to submit an abstract
  • Deadline for abstract submissions: 14 May 2021  
  • Abstract review completed, presentation slots offered, programme published: early July 2021
  • Deadline for submitting draft papers (optional): 3 September 2021
  • Deadline for submitting final papers (optional): 8 October 2021
  • Deadline for submitting pre-recorded presentations: 15 October 2021

"Any time you have an opportunity to showcase the work that you're doing in a way that pushes forward the agenda for process safety, why not take advantage of it?"

Tracy Whipple, BP

“You can’t be what you don’t see. Process safety role models are crucial.”

Trish Kerin, IChemE Safety Centre (ISC)

"Hazards is a great opportunity to share experience and learn from others. If you've got an interesting story to tell, Hazards is the best place to tell it."

Ken Patterson, Independent Consultant