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Future Fuels Cooperative Research Centre

Future Fuels Cooperative Research Centre is the industry focussed Research, Development and Demonstration (RD&D) partnership enabling the decarbonisation of Australia’s energy networks.

They work with partners in a collaborative and connected research community embracing industry, academia and government to:

  • focus on the future of a crucial sector of the Australian energy economy

  • deliver the full potential of low-carbon fuels in the energy supply mix

  • find safe and reliable solutions to repurpose existing infrastructure and develop new infrastructure to transport future fuels

  • inform coordinated national policy and regulation associated with low carbon fuels

  • protect and extend the reliability and safe operative life of energy infrastructure

  • enable the structures, protocols and linkages to maximise the value of global low carbon fuel developments for Australia.

Future Fuels CRC is supported through the Australian Government’s Cooperative Research Centres Program and gratefully acknowledges the cash and in-kind support from all research, government and industry participants.

Visit www.futurefuelscrc.com