8th Regional Process Safety Seminar

19-20 March 2019, Kuala Lumpur

With the steady increase in commodity price and corresponding increase in confidence to invest over the last two years, what does the future of process safety management in the hazardous chemicals industry look like?

New terms are being used in the context of process safety such as digitalize, operationalize. How will these be effectively implemented to achieve safer, more reliable plant operations, achieving the increased availability that goes hand in hand with good process safety management?

Advances in the way we conceptualize and communicate process safety management to our workforces, regulators and the public have been made, however ensuring consistent and resilient practices across the boundaries of hazardous industries has never been more important, as assets and infrastructure continue to age and workforce numbers continue to be reduced.


  • invited keynote speakers providing their own strategic view on the future of process safety
  • oral presentations from leading industry practitioners, researchers and regulators, as well as a workshop, all sharing best practice and latest thinking in process safety networking and knowledge sharing opportunities.