Student Summit 2021

Student Summit 2021

Looking to the Future of Chemical Engineering

13 July—3 August 2021, Australasia

The IChemE Student Summit 2020 engaged some of the profession’s thought leaders who were able to share their knowledge and experience of working within the chemical engineering field. We took a retrospective glance at chemical engineering and glimpsed into the future to see where it could take our next generation.

In 2021, we will look in more detail at what industries will be in demand, what new and emerging technologies and innovations will shape these sectors and a practical outlook on what is currently trending. We will begin a conversation and speculate about the future of chemical engineering.

Our topic for 2021 is ‘Looking to the Future of Chemical Engineering...challenges, demand and innovation’.

The summit will host seven face-to-face and online events, in seven locations (COVID-19 restrictions permitting).

Each event will highlight an industry that dominates that state or country with site tours, keynote speakers, panel sessions and networking opportunities. In 2020, we hosted over 3,300 registrations from students from not only the Australasian region but also in the United Kingdom, Ireland, India, Asia and the Middle East.

This year we will have an additional mental health segment to give students some strategies on how to deal with stress in complex environments, coming out of an emotionally challenging year.

We believe the next 20 years is looking to be a very exciting and technically challenging time. The world needs individuals with the innovative skills to handle new materials and energy processes more than ever, and we would like to position our next generation with the skills and expertise to progress even further.