Asset Integrity Management in the Process Industries - Managing your Ageing Assets

Topic Safety

CPD Hours 14


Are you responsible for authorising, developing and implementing strategies for ageing plant and asset life extension?

Many of the process plants and offshore installations in the UK and worldwide are operating beyond their nominal design life, raising concerns for potential loss of hazardous materials and adverse business impact.

This course will help you determine the key threats from ageing equipment and how to plan and implement a life extension strategy for managing them.

Whilst findings from the UK’s HSE KP4 and COMAH Ageing Plant initiatives indicate that many companies have good practices for day to day integrity management, a specific approach is required for ageing assets and their life extension.

This course will show how knowledge of the vulnerabilities, deterioration and obsolescence and loss of organisational competence can be used to develop a strategy for managing ageing-related risks. It covers all equipment types: static equipment (pressure vessels, piping, storage tanks etc), rotating equipment, control and instrumentation, electrical and civil infrastructure.

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Learning outcomes

By the end of the course you will understand:

  • risk management – understand how to determine the SHE and business threats from ageing equipment (e.g. equipment degradation, obsolescence, loss of technical support), and how to manage them
  • organisational arrangements - understand how risks can be managed in a fragmented/outsourced organisational regime
  • competence – understand how to identify the core areas of competence to retain in-house and understand what is needed to act as “intelligent customers” for outsourced services
  • investment requirements – learn how to determine, justify and prioritise the “big ticket” items.

Who will benefit

Suitable for senior managers and engineers in operating companies who are responsible for authorising, developing and implementing strategies for ageing plant and asset life extension.

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