Hazard Awareness

Location Spadeadam, UK

Date 8th October 2020

Duration 1 day

Topic Safety

CPD Hours 5

Price IChemE member £855+ VAT, non-member £950+ VAT


The unique testing capability of Spadeadam is used to demonstrate at large scale the potential consequences of loss of containment of flammable gases and liquids. Spadeadam has the long-standing expertise to allow participants to experience major fires and explosions up close, feeling the heat, noise and pressure, whilst ensuring they are in a well-controlled and safe environment.

The demonstration tests are combined with classroom sessions in the purpose-built Lord Cullen Training Centre to provide an understanding of different fire and explosion types, the means of preventing and mitigating these events and to show how failures in these barriers have led to major accidents. This combination of direct experience and practical classroom learning is highly popular with clients and provides an exceptional learning opportunity.

Course outline

  • Introduction to major accident hazards
  • The effects of congestion and confinement on explosions
  • Explosion development and consequences
  • Introduction to fires
  • Case study: Buncefield.

Live demonstrations

  • Vapour cloud deflagration (80 m3)
  • Confined, vented explosion (80 m3)
  • Methanol pool fire
  • Diesel pool fire
  • Scaffold pole as a dropped object resulting in a gas release
  • Valve spindle jet fire
  • Misaligned flange jet fire (70 barg with a 7 kg/s mass release rate)
  • Large jet fire (70 barg with a 3.4 kg/s mass release rate)

Learning outcomes

Following the training delegates will have an understanding of: 

  • jet fires, pool fires, explosions and major incidents involving them
  • effect of congestion and confinement on ignited gas clouds
  • explosion development and consequences
  • barriers and their role in preventing major accidents.

Attendees will have gained first hand experience of overpressure, thermal radiation and noise from these types of incidents which will highlight the importance of safety measures, procedures and their implementation.

Who will benefit

The course is suitable for anyone working in a hazardous environment where hydrocarbon/flammable fluid releases are a possibility e.g. onshore and offshore oil and gas and petrochemical facilities.

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