HAZOP Study for Team Leaders and Team Members

Topic Safety

CPD Hours 18


This revamped integrated course provides effective, realistic training for HAZOP team members and leaders using examples drawn from a range of industry sectors.

As well as presentations covering all the essential aspects of the method, you will participate in workshops on HAZOP for continuing processes, sequential operations and computer-controlled plant. You will also learn more about the relationship between HAZOP and other hazard identification methods and hazard studies.

If you have little or limited experience as a HAZOP team member, you should register for the course as a team member, whilst experienced team members, those new to team leadership and leaders in need of a refresher, should register as a team leader.

Learning outcomes

Team leaders will learn:

  • how to be a good leader, emphasised by practice and reviews
  • how to manage HAZOP studies
  • the importance of pre-study preparation
  • how to work effectively with the team secretary and the team members.

Team members will learn:

  • how HAZOP study works
  • the role and responsibilities of a team member
  • how to become a valuable team member.

Who will benefit

  • experienced HAZOP team members who are moving on to team leadership
  • those who need to refresh and update their HAZOP experience
  • engineers and other technical personnel who are new to HAZOP study
  • those with safety and project management responsibilities.

Participants attending as team leaders must have experience of HAZOP. Team members may have little or no experience of HAZOP (although some background would be helpful) but should be familiar with P&IDs.

Course outline

The HAZOP technique

  • Purpose
  • Role of HAZOP in the process life cycle
  • Principles
  • The team
  • Limitations

Developing hazardous scenarios

  • Best practices for developing and recording scenarios
  • Decision-making in HAZOP

Roles and responsibilities

  • Leadership
  • Recording
  • Team effectiveness
  • Group dynamics

Management of a HAZOP study or programme

  • Planning
  • Execution
  • Reporting

Sequential HAZOP

  • Batch processes
  • Procedures
  • Human factors

Common pitfalls and how to avoid them


Special features

Over 50% of the course time is allocated to group work on realistic HAZOP case studies, giving practice in their respective roles for both team leaders and team members. Examples are drawn from a range of process industries and typical reports are also provided. Participants take part in discussion and analysis sessions to identify strengths, weaknesses and learning points from the case studies.

Please note

Participants with English as a second language should note that fluency in English is essential, in order to benefit from active involvement in the group studies.

Please indicate whether you wish to register as a team member or a team leader on your registration form. Prior to the course you will be asked to provide details of your HAZOP experience, job description and industrial experience. Acceptance on to the course as a team leader will only be confirmed once this information has been considered. Participants registering as team members will also be asked for this information (for arranging the workshop study teams).


Discounts are available to companies booking more than one place:

  • 2 places - 5% discount
  • 3 places - 10% discount
  • 4 or more places - 15% discount.
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