Human Factors in Health and Safety, Module One: Managing Human Factors - UK

Topic Safety

CPD Hours 12.5


Major accidents, including those at Texas City and Buncefield, have highlighted the importance of addressing human factors – how the people, the job and the organisation interact as a whole – when considering overall safety performance.

Managing Human Factors introduces the key human factors concepts within risk management and examines how to manage organisational change, safety culture and safety-critical communications. 

Managing Human Factors is available as a one-off course, or as part of our broader human factors training programme, Human Factors in Health and Safety.

Learning outcomes

  • understand the key human factors concepts in risk management and why they are important for health and safety
  • understand how to manage organisational change
  • understand how to manage safety culture and behaviours
  • understand how to manage safety-critical communications.

Who will benefit?

  • HSE managers and advisors
  • operations managers
  • safety engineers
  • chemical/process engineers
  • in-house human factors advisors eg COMAH operators' 'intelligent customers'.

Course outline

Human factors in risk management

  • What is human factors?
  • Why is it important for health and safety?
  • Managing and measuring the company's performance in relation to human factors

Managing safety-critical communications

  • What is effective communication?
  • A model of communication failures
  • Approaches to making communication robust
  • How to assess shift handover communications arrangements
  • Assessment and improvement
  • Control of work case study

Managing safety culture and behaviours

  • What is safety culture?
  • Models of safety culture
  • Considerations for measuring culture
  • Developing a safety culture 

Managing organisational change

  • What is organisational change?
  • Effects on safety
  • Some examples from serious incidents
  • Typical problems encountered
  • Interventions


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You can join the programme at any point – modules can be completed in any order as part of a one-year programme. Book all four Human Factors in Health and Safety modules and pay £1150 + VAT per module.

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